A classy rant!

I used to have a talent for name calling.

Not the trashy ones. The honest and true ones. I knew how to speak to you, cut you to

What made it worse was the harmless guile in my eyes as I told you your weaknesses, in a moderate toned voice. Everyone else would be shouting insults but I all I needed was to add an ingredient, a true ingredient about your weakness and that would be it.

It was the scorpion part of me.

I hated to spend hours saying many pointless words when one true words would send everything you have been saying for 30 minutes, spiral like a pack of cards. I don’t talk much when I did, it would come with a bite that turned into a mouthful and made an enemy for me.

Once I gave a girl in my class, who may have been diabolic a piece of my mind. She tried to hit me, I ducked and she hit my sister and injured her forehead. It turned into a free for all fight and soon all the girls in school were fighting with me and my sister. It was a free for all fight that brought out the frenemies et al. Maybe six people were fighting for us against 150 other girls.

No doubt, it was the demonic that inspired that fight but I was too young to recognise it as yet.

When the matron came, she took my sister and I, and hid us in her house because she could not understand what brought out the beast in almost 150 girls.

Later when I was explaining to a friend what happened, she told me to learn to be more tactful.

Poverty has a face. It is always wicked. Never kind. Never like poverty or anything that looks like it, hate poverty with a passion.

The girl wanted to share my food. My sister and I just received food from home, even though we were in the boarding house and the girl insisted that she must eat the food and I said no, and then added other choice remarks. It resulted in a fight that doesn’t make sense till today.

We are grown now. Did I add her on Facebook? No. I can’t trust that she won’t fight with me today over a bag or a shoe.

What brought up this memory lane blogging?

This post that someone commented on, on Facebook.

The comment sounded so much like something I would say and so I decided to share my story and the comment.

For me, name calling ended in primary school, and being a smart alec got me into trouble in secondary school. As an adult, you will hardly find me exchanging words with anyone because “I don’t play with pigs”. I still need to learn a lot more tact but my policy is, if you don’t play with pigs, an opportunity to exchange words with anyone will hardly arise. I am most likely to walk away when someone sends me nasty words because it is not every, you are a fool, you are an idiot, that you should answer. Like I said, that passed away with primary school. I refuse to act like a child when I am an adult.

As adults, we know our conversations should be different from when we were children. But some things never change.

Bodies grow.

spirits remain the same. Habits remain the same. weaknesses remain the same.

If all that changed was the size of the physical body, then we are still that little girl or little boy that used to do mean things. We just get to act like adults and put on our masks while we do them.

The life of Christ is not like this though. He comes to us and lives in us and as we daily read the word, he draws the poison out of us through whatever means possible. He draws out the poison by eternal life that is at work in us and fills us with His Spirit and the desire to follow His leading as we meditate on the word daily.

Eternal life in us is a river, it washes and forces out impurities from all the parts of us and by His Spirit in us, causes us to grow up into the picture He has of us. The picture in the mirror of His word.

Yesterday, I needed one hundred naira more, in fact I needed money on all sides. So I get to my last bus stop and I am thinking, what do I do?

God made an unaware stranger pay my transport fare. I was just there thinking, is this guy in his right senses?

It just brought the picture of the word: the heart of the King is in the hand of the LORD and like a river, he turns it in whatsoever way He wills.

“Good Christians” in quote will not have dared to give me money because of the rumours and our fetish beliefs, unfortunately we have (some of us) more faith in the power of the enemy than in the power of God.

Right now I am on a high, God will literally move heavens and the earth to do what he needs to do for me.

I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ.

I don’t want to be a member of the stalwart or the typical church, I would rather be in the resistance and let the Holy Spirit who is silent in the churches be active in my life everyday.

Proudly a member of the resistance of the end time church, the ones on whom the LORD is pouring out His Spirit in these last days.

I believe.

I don’t just attend church 7 days a week as my duty, I actually do believe in Christ, the head of the church and in the King of kings and he is active in my life everyday.


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