On giftings and character…

If you asked me, I would say I am not gifted

The weight and the burden of being gifted is hard to bear

Let me instead accept the Fatherhood of God and stay safe in the fortress that is the LORD and find refuge in His presence always and forever.

Safe in the bubble, kept, sustained and aglow because of His love.

I would simply say that I have the Spirit of God.

You can become abrasive if you don’t know that the fruit of the Spirit is available to you and that you have the privilege of the Spirit flowing out of you too.

When you have the Holy Ghost, He can cause the nine gifts to flow through you (they are His after all) and you don’t need to be limited to any one gift. The Holy Ghost is the administrator of all nine and He’s living in you and if you stay obedient to Him, you can work in all of them.

As you stay obedient in Him, you can also have all the fruits of the Spirit manifested in you.

So I am not gifted as much as I have the gift of the Spirit of God and the privilege of walking in the Spirit.

So graced and so loved and so privileged to be acquainted  no, intimate with the Spirit of the LORD God.

It is an honour to know You, Lord.

Your character is settled when you agree to yield to the Spirit of the Lord. Stay yielded and trusting, He’s the trustworthy One.

This picture makes me happy inside me! It is church time and I feel that pull to be in church. Or maybe it is a pull to fellowship with God’s Spirit and not stay at a location per se.

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