The weirdness of me!!!

Or the weirdness of other people

To think she’s just 21

The mind games she plays make me know how soul sick she is

Your mind can’t be that warped and you be okay


Lord keep me out of the rat race and in your path, how crazy it would be to start living for what the gentiles live for, you give them to me so easily. Help me do that which we have talked about O Lord, it is part of the plan and I need it done O Lord before September because so much is ahead of me and I need the roots deep down before September. Help me Holy Ghost. The questions that I ask, show me the way O Lord.

I relaxed and thought like other people for a while and I thought what paltry thinking, how are people so comfortable thinking like ordinary men, help me think like You all of the time, help me to trust in Your word and not in what the world has shaped. Help me find all that I need in Your presence that I would not resort to worldly thinking. keep me in Your presence by Your Spirit in Jesus name, amen.


Children are born kind

To be nasty is to admit that the world has shaped you

That you were clay

And the world succeeded in making you what it wants you to be


I would pity her but that would be nasty too

Cause she’s in a prison where she only says what she thinks others want to hear

O the freedom of saying exactly what you want to say

Only writers know this world

I am unmoved by her antics

Just sad that one so young should feel the need to play mind games all of the time

Most of the time

Heck even some of the time is bad.

Mind games

May I never play them O Lord

To play mind games is not to trust in the Lord

Father give me strategy that I may do Your will.


A doll baby is the female version of the toy soldier, both no good because they have no mind of their own while thinking that they do. 

Saddest thing, is that they will never change the world.

Why do you want to change the world so much you this girl?


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