Been a while…


What I say to the One who owns me

When I feel good or feel bad, it doesn’t matter, I always want to praise Him

I am always in His presence, when I sing and when I don’t

I am always conscious of the One who keeps me in His mind daily. I know Him intimately and I am grateful that I do. He is my hiding place, my refuge and my fortress, my strong tower, healer, keeper, sustainer, my ever present help

Praise is my love language to my Yahweh. There is nothing like ministering to the One who loves me perfectly all of the time and not what He is looking to gain. He watches over me always even when I am unaware, He handles my tomorrow. I am never caught unawares because He knows tomorrow and He shows me the things to come.

What is praise?

Screenshot (861)
Praise is a weapon. Let it be like breathing to you, not a chore

God is faithful

God has been faithful

As usual, on earth, so many critical voices

As if they do not think

They argue about things that are of no value eternally

In heaven, glory, heaven is glad

I stay holding onto my Father’s hands

I have been hearing so many messages, some encouraging, some just information

It might turn out to be useful

Current book: one by Kim Clement titled, i forget

It is a story of his life in the 70s

It mirrors my time because not much has changed about humans

But God is still faithful and I know more about my call this year than last

Stockpiling materials but have not visited the prisons yet

How do I tell people to mind their business, please?

Being too slow or being in a hurry is not too good

I have seen the excited before, I know they don’t have the stamina nor weight to carry what I am equipped to carry only because it is His hands that do the carrying

I simply stand as a representative

The idea of who I am is more exciting than the reality

Only the Holy Ghost can prepare one

I don’t let them close because I know the weaknesses of human beings

When they feel the glory, they feel invincible

When they consider my situation, outside of God’s presence, they are terrified

I feel fear, I feel bravery

I feel anything that is in the room

I can feel the faith,

and sometimes the frisson of fear that runs through the room

I just open my mouth sing and dispel it

I have many offended with me because I know I can sing and dispel fear

What I really do is lend my mouth to the Lord so that when the words comes out

No matter how shaky my voice sounds, He is the one singing*

This is easier to preach for then it is an idea

The actuality is something that offends because they think God passed them over

He didn’t.

It is meant for every child of God but few step out in faith

and the degree of persecution that follows believing that God does what is says is too hard to bear for some.

I took the persecution bit by bit until I learned to depend on the Holy Ghost so it can’t happen in a day

Everyday I wonder how ‘he’ will deal with it, if he can cope, if he can increase capacity, if he can believe God like I do, else it would be as good as both of us living on different planets.

I don’t know if he believes.

I have told God that if he doesn’t believe, then I won’t be angry.

It took me a while to get to where I am today

Best song at this moment:


I won’t hide who I am

I can’t deny what He has done in me and through me and for me

I am sad about the days I didn’t hear God on time because I wanted to believe that people were more than they actually were.

Holy Ghost, increase my discernment!


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